A litany to Earth

Goddess revered Earth, of all nature Mother,
From which everything is born, and brought back to life
- For you alone provide for the needs of mankind,
Divine mistress of the sky, the sea and of all things -,
Through you is nature hushed and lays hold on sleep,
And you likewise renew light and dispel darkness.
You veil the shadows of hell and unbounded chaos,
You hold back winds, rains, and storms,
And, at will, you scatter and blend the waves,
You banish sunshine, stir gales to fury,
And likewise, when you will, you bring forth a cheerful day.
Through your constant support, life finds its sustenance,
And, when our breath has gone, in you we find our refuge :
For everything you give comes back to you.
Duly we call you great, Ô mother of the gods,
Since in duteous service you surpassed the divinities of heaven,
And you are the true parent of living species and of gods,
Without which nothing can flourish or be born.


Inspired by nature

« It’s the raw material of each element that inspires us. We cherish the vital components of each ingredient that constitutes our product. Our sensitivity to the richness of nature has enabled us to draw ideas from every realm, from the world of botany to the mineral world. And we set ourselves no limits in our choice of ingredients, dosage or quality of materials. »

Taking the time

« Creating an exceptional product takes time. We carefully select each ingredient for the benefits they provide to the skin. We test different combinations and make sure that the ingredients complement each other, because we believe that a skincare product must be complete and multitasking to be truly perfect. »

Keeping it simple

« We believe skincare should be simple, effective and a real pleasure to use. There is no need to accumulate products when choosing high quality care. A few drops in one swift move and that’s it. This desire for simplicity is also reflected in the composition of our product : we aim for the highest concentration possible for each active ingredient, and we limit texturing agents or fillers that offer little to no benefit for the skin. »


« One of the most important things for us was to create clean skincare. Being able to trust what you put on your skin is essential. With this in mind, we exclude any element when it is controversial or unnecessary, and choose organically grown ingredients whenever possible. We also pay close attention to preservatives, and always opt for those permitted in organic cosmetics. »

The love of beauty

« We wanted to hold a beautiful object in our hands, because we like to use beautiful things in our everyday lives. Inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of French fashion houses, we called on the French savoir-faire to take care of every detail of our product, collaborating with leading houses working in the luxury sector. »


New to the world of cosmetics and rather trained in artistic fields, Sophie and Kelly were inspired to found their own skincare brand by spending time in nature.

The inspiration for Funiculaire came from the daily use of their own face mist, created in the kitchen of their country home.

Discover the product

“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting”

— Khalil Gibran



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