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How to use the toner Aurum+Centaurea Cyanus ?

It is the first important step of a quality skincare routine after skin cleansing.
Simple and efficient, all you need to do is vaporise the product directly on your skin and wait a few seconds for it to dry to see the benefits on your face.

As it is a very multi-tasking product, it can be used on its own and become the one and only of your routine.
Is this a natural product ?

Yes, our product is made of non diluted organic flower waters, plants extracts and one of the most precious mineral, gold.

You can check out the full ingredient list of Aurum+Centaurea Cyanus directly on the product page under the heading named « composition ».

What preservative do you use in this product ?

In order to preserve our product in a way that is gentle for the skin, we use a mix of organic acids.
It is one of the rare preservatives admitted by organic cosmetic labels.

Is this product suitable for oily skin ?

Our product does not contain any oil. It is therefore perfectly suited for those that seek to reduce their usage of oil-based products in their skin care routine.
Additionally, this product reduces the production of sebum by 80%.

Can I apply my face cream after this product ?

Yes, this toner must be applied before any other skin care product that contains oil.
You must wait a few seconds for the toner to dry and you can move on to the rest of your routine.

What is this product’s shelf life ?

In optimal conditions of storage, this product lasts 2 years but we recommend using the product within a year following its unsealing.

My product is not perfectly clear or contains particles, is that normal ?

Yes, this may happen occasionally. Our product is made of organic flower waters mixed with other natural ingredients, it is possible that despite several filtrations a few particles of organic matter may find their way into the bottle.
This does not affect the quality of the product and simply demonstrates its high concentration in natural ingredients.

Is this bottle recyclable ?

Yes, we chose a glass bottle for our product because it is a material that can be recycled endlessly. You are therefore invited to throw the empty bottle in the recycling bin reserved for glass.

The box and leaflet goes to the recycling bin for papers.

Is this product tested on animals ?

No, we do not test our products on animals.

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